Monday, April 5, 2010

"Disrepair Part Three - Genesis Of A Germ" has landed

The new master piece from Mechanical Organic, "Disrepair Part Three - Genesis Of A Germ" has landed. This 25 minute monstrous epic manages to expose the atrocious experimentation and germ warfare that has taken place on the general public throughout recent history. We unveil the trend towards massive population reductions through the spread of deadly man made diseases such as AIDS and Ebola.
Learn the truth about what’s really going on behind the scenes. Join Mechanical Organic to become one of the few who are truly conscious of the end game deception.
Get your copy from and join the growing ranks of the enlightened few.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mechanical Organic – Recording Update, New Album and Track Title Revealed

We’re extremely excited to announce that our fourth album is now fully recorded and we’re in the final stages of mixing. The new track clocks in at around 25 minutes and it should really surprise quite a few people. Our approach has always been to release music that is a little left of centre while maintaining a real sense of musical melody and I guess this new release follows this trend. The title for the new release will be “Disrepair Part Three - Genesis Of A Germ” and the track title is “Cut Hunter Theory”. The subject matter deals with the deadly man made diseases such as Aides and Ebola, population control, vaccinations and chemical warfare. We’ve used extensive spoken word passages once again to tell the story supported my vocals and lyrics. This song is probably our most musically diverse releases so far and we are really quite proud of the epic nature of the music and the whole conceptual theme.
We are working towards a tentative March 2010 release date.