Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Personal and Musical Update

Ok, here’s a nice long update summarising what’s been going on in my personal life as well as the musical world of Mechanical Organic. Firstly on a personal note, I’ve been swamped with all things family, work related and household chores and projects. I never thought that having a baby would be this time consuming, my life is completely upside down but in a good way. The demand on my time is constant and the push and pull of work and family life is an ongoing struggle. For a while I was wondering whether music and family life could coexist but I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found a balance that is manageable. It took us some time to find a routine where we each had a bit of space and free time to ourselves and we’ve realised that this is essential to our sanity. I now have some allocated time where I can do the things that are important to me and my wife has the same. We still need to rush around and really get stuck into whatever we are doing in order to finish but at least we now have that time. So all things considered the past year was a very hectic time for us both but we’re really starting to settle into our family life now and I actually love it.
Now on to Mech Org and the music that is being written. Ok firstly I’d like to mention that Conrad is back and working on a new tune I wrote called “Into the Fangs of Lunacy” which is a 17 minute monster examining the online truth movement and the infiltration of carnival barkers who spread disinformation. Conrad is working on the guitar parts and bass lines as I type this news update. The song will be released as a kind of mini album and will be titled “The Pleasure Fled”. In fact, I’ve decided to write much larger more expansive tunes and release them digitally as they are completed. Using this method we hope to release a steady stream up music rather than wait two or three years for a full length album. Being a completely independent band/artist we are able to go with the flow and do whatever we want. And at the moment releasing long, expansive multilayered music is where we’re at. Artwork for the new album is already complete, in fact the artwork for the next two releases is complete.
While Conrad has been working on the guitar parts for the new album I’ve been toiling away at another song that clocks in at around 25 minutes. This song is nearing completion with all vocal melodies, lyrics and music being recoded and polished in the studio at the moment. I have a working title but I’m keeping it under my hat for the time being.
I’m also working on digital distribution for Mechanical Organic through itunes, amazon, napster, rhapsody, e-music and host of others.
So I’m please to say that things are rolling along nicely at camp Mech Org. So keep an eye out for new music from Mechanical Organic in the very near future.

More news soon.



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