Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"This Global Hive Part One" Official Release

After many years of hard work the time has finally come. We’re proud to announce the release of the new “Mechanical Organic” album “This Global Hive Part One”. Get your copy on CD or Digital Download (if you haven’t already) from

Album Synopsis

"This Global Hive" explores the black awakening, satanic ritual abuse, the creation of satanic super soldiers, multiple personality disorder and demonic mind control programs used to ensure the coming chaos. Born into this atrocious abuse through satanic bloodlines the Chosen Ones are committed to the coming New World Order. Their personalities split and programmed, they are demonized and then highly trained to become legions of Working Babylon Babies with deadly hidden abilities. Multiples, as they are commonly known, are programmed with a surplus of sub personalities including hunters, sleeper assassin, runners, sex slaves, satanic priestesses, counterfeit Christians, PSI warriors, trainers, watchers and many more. Each splintered personality is highly trained. Some say there are millions of occult multiples waiting patiently for the awakening command to arise. Triggered, they will unleash the great world wide demonic revolt.

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