Friday, December 7, 2012

Another Cracking Review 19 out of 20

Here's another cracking review from Germany once again.

The review is in German so here's the translation

Music An Sich

To my shame, I must admit that the promo for download album This Global Hive (Part One) of the Australian progressive metal band Mechanical Organic is rotted a few weeks on my hard drive. This was a big mistake, because what the Australians deliver here in-house production is truly remarkable! This Global Hive (Part One) is the fifth album, and why the band is currently in any record label is under contract, I do a complete mystery. On offer is Progressive Metal, which in some moments reminiscent of older Queensryche and Fates Warning albums. As with the aforementioned bands, it seems Mechanical Organic to be incredibly important to crown complex song structures with catchy melodies. Their songs create the Australians die-hard metal and melancholic sad parts unite. singer Dave Bellion thrilled with an incredible vocal range. Occasionally, he recalls the heyday of Geoff Tate. This comes through especially when Bellion the highly successful choruses of songs like "Street Corner Symphony" or "Changing World" sings. Highlight of This Global Hive (Part One) , the long is "The Dark One Know" . In the nearly twenty minutes of the songs overwhelm Mechanical Organic listeners with musical ideas, but without losing the thread of the song. This album should be tested by supporters of progressive music necessarily. The opportunity can be found on the website of the band!

Rating – 19 out of 20

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