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Screaming Symphony Review - Awesome!!!

The boys from Screaming Symphony reviewed our latest album a few weeks ago. For those who missed the show here it is in text format. Enjoy.



Born and bred right here in Melbourne, Mechanical Organic represents a consortium of well-known entities of the local music scene.
The founder and instigator behind Mechanical Organic is keyboardist Eddie Katz, best known for his involvement with Vauxdvihl. He co-wrote all the lyrics togheter with David Bellion, who was also if I am not mistaken part of Vauxdvihl at some stage.

David Bellion performs all vocals, guitars and some keyboards. He is well known from his other prog bands, such as Fractured or Neue Regel. Alongside Ed and David, we can hear Evan Harris, on bass. Evan who also contributed in Vauxdvihl, plays with Eyefear, Black Majesty or Vulvagun amongst many more local bands, when he is not out in the bay, fishing.
Anyways, the line-up is completed by Connie Dee (Spasticator) on guitars and Andrew Hurst on drums.

The album titled ‘This Global Hive Part One’ is entirely conceptual, dealing with the coming of chaos, also known as the NEW WORLD ORDER brought onto this world by the dark side or the evil. There is talk of the black awakening and the creation of satanic super soldiers, mind control, multiple personality disorder etc.
Of course, there is lots more to be read into the lyrical contents across this album, especially with all the fanatic dialogue, a recording of some kind deconstructing the cause and process of the coming of this NEW WORLD ORDER, domineering this 62 minute journey.

As the subject matter suggests, the music is extremely sombre and dark throughout the album but overall, the songs have an array of musical faces. Mechanical Organic’s basis for this album is doom prog, driving comparisons with Swedish bands Memento Mori, Memory Garden or Veni Domine are obvious but the Rhode Island proggers Digital Ruin possibly bear the greatest resemblance to ‘This Global Hive Part One’. In parts, the album plays out math metal or fusionesque prog, which is ruptured with monotone doom swirls, pounding along to the preaching dialogue creating more of a soundtrack to the spoken word.
Snippets of power metal exchanging Arch/Matheos [Sympathetic Resonance – 2011] style prog and all completely linked together by the vocal dexterity of David Bellion who shows a multitude of singing styles and timbres to his vocals that is incredible entrancing. Possibly the most intriguing comparisons for David’s output are Fates Warning and Queensryche.
An unrivalled product when it comes to originality and tone setting. With other words, Mechanical Organic play some of the best dark and heavy prog metal since the mid-nineties.
Must have material.
Peter Fundeis/Screaming Symphony/2012_11_29

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