Thursday, June 25, 2009

Album Update

The mixing process for the new Mechanical Organic release “Into the Fangs of Lunacy” is finally fully compete. Mastering has been books so we should have the finished product in a couple of weeks. I’m so pleased with the way the recording sounds. I really think this is our best effort so far and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. I’m really proud of this release and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the two contributing musicians who made this recording what it is today. Firstly Conrad, this man has personally shaped the Mechanical Organic sound by delivered one of his most melodic efforts yet. Conrad knows exactly what my music needs in terms of heavy and melodic guitar work, and I’m so glad he’s back. He’s meticulous, and really takes the time to develop a unique approach to each individual track, and this song is no exception. His guitar work is nothing short of perfection, it’s heavy and melodic and it fits the Mech Org sound like a glove.
And secondly, Evan, what can I say, I’ve know Evan for a long time and I’ve been a big fan of his playing since the old Taramis days. At one stage during the recording process Conrad suggested we give Evan a call to see if he would be interested in playing on this track. He was, and he did, and the results are fantastic. He is a master of his chose instruments which include bass, fretless bass and Chapman and NS stick. His style is instantly recognisable and I love his musical approach and ideas.
These two people are so musically capable that my song writing really only allows them to give us a glimpse of their musical talents. I’m honoured to have them on board for this recording and hopefully many more to come in the future.




Album Title - Disrepair Part Two – The Pleasure Fled

Track List – 1. Into the Fangs Of Lunacy 17:20

Eddie Katz – Lead Vocals, Backing Harmonies, Keyboards and Programming - (Ex-Vauxdvihl, Ex-Where Echoes End)

Connie D – Heavy and Lead Guitar - (Spasticator)

Evan Harris – Bass, Fretless Bass , Chapman and NS Stick – (Ex-Taramis, Eyefear, Black Majesty, Spasticator)

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