Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mechanical Organic - Disrepair Part Two - The Pleasure Fled

I'm proud to announce the release of Mechanical Organic's third album/EP "Disrepair Part Two – The Pleasure Fled" containing the monstrous 17 minute epic “Into the Fangs of Lunacy”. This one track contains some of our most unique writing and we're very proud of the musical content, vocal themes and lyrics. During the writing process we came to the realization that we have the ability to release music in whatever format, length and quantity we like. We have decided to concentrate on releasing longer epic style songs rather than your more traditional style album containing ten tracks. "Disrepair Part Two – The Pleasure Fled" is the beginning of this new found philosophy and we hope to release more music in this format within the year of 2009 and beyond. We hope to further the conceptual range of the political/conspiratorial “Disrepair” series with many more such releases.
Our sound on this release is a strange musical blend of Heavy, Electronic, Ambient, Progressive, Political and Conspiratorial elements.
And just to give you a little insight into the current line up –

Eddie Katz – Lead Vocals, Backing Harmonies, Programming and Keyboards – (Ex – Vauxdvihl, Ex – Where Echoes End, Pathway to Perception)

Connie D – Heavy and lead Guitar – (Spasticator)

Evan Harris – Bass, Fretless Bass, Chapman and NS Stick (Ex – Taramis, Eyefear, Black Majesty, Spasticator)

If you have a free minute you can check out the radio edit of the track at our Myspace page or visit the home of Mechanical Organic at for all the latest news and info.

Thanks guys


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